7 Unlocked Smartphone Models for International Travel

A Smartphone is always a necessity when you are on road. There is no imagination of traveling without communication. Whether you live in U.S. or UAE, traveling in safe is always a big factor. Recent covid-19 developments have made everyone conscious about the connections and communications. Coupon.ae describes the use of Cartlow voucher code on Smartphone shopping for travel and tour. Are you looking for cheapest Smartphone models? Include the feature of unlocked in this list in order to enjoy working in any country or region. Here is the list of unlocked phones travelers should use in 2021.

Huawei Snap To:

This is an affordable model. However, it is not for the travelers only. It will work everywhere. It has 720p display with 5 inches screen. No doubt, the display is little small than other phone models but it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. The main camera of this phone has 5 megapixels which is enough to satisfy your needs.

 Moto G Global:

This is a GSM phone with android features. It offers best traveling facilities with 720p display and 5 inches display. On the other hand, it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor just like the Huawei Snap To. The only thing that you may need to compromise on is the LTE.

Blu Studio Energy Global:

This is another GSM phone with terrific bonus. It has a smart battery which will run for longer. Do you use Google Maps while traveling? This may consume more battery. Don’t worry if you have the Blu Studio Energy Global GSM phone. Redeem recent Cartlow voucher code to get this phone and enjoy 9 hours of video streaming with a single recharge. This phone supports 3G but this feature is present in the Global Version only.

Blu Studio X Plus:

This is a cheapest phone with unlocked feature. It has bigger screen (5.5 inches) with 720p display. No doubt, this is not a high resolution but it is best among the travel phones. Travelers will love the solid battery and polish structure. This phone may last for at least 10 hours with a single recharge.

Blu Win HD Global:

This is another GSM phone with travel-friendly features. It has HD display but with 720p megapixels. The most surprising point about this phone is Windows 8.1 system. This phone offers Qualcomm process and two SIM slots. Always buy the global version because U.S. model has certain limitations.

Nokia Lumia 635:

This is another unlocked model by a famous brand. Are you using Win HD? Try the Nokia Lumia 635 right now in order to have some advanced features. You may need to adjust with small screen size (4.5 inches) and a single SIM slot.   However, this phone has superb LTE connectivity in U.S.A, Canada and other countries.

Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini:

Getting your first Cartlow voucher code on an unlocked phone for international travel would be a surprising experience. Shop the Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini in order to have best features such as dual SIM, Android 4.2 and more.