An In-depth look at Web Hosting

As citizens living in this modern age, we all have used and referred to websites several times. Most people are familiar with what a website is but very few know about what happens behind the scenes. How does a website have a special space on the internet? Can an individual acquire web space too? How is the data on these websites stored on the internet? These are just a few questions that come to mind and can be resolved if one understands what bitcoin hosting is.

What is web hosting

Web hosting is the process through which one can buy or rent space on a web server for their website. There exist several hosting providers that allocate space to house a website on the World Wide Web so that files and data can be stored there. A website has several files like codes, images and other data that can be made available online for everyone to access if one avails web hosting.

There are different types of web hosting and each type provides different services. Shared, dedicated, reseller and VPS are the main types of web hosting available and the main difference between them is the type of technology used for hosting and the management and additional services one can avail while opting for a specific kind.

Web hosting makes it possible for websites to be hosted on a server. The type of hosting determines how much space is allocated to the website on a server. A server is a computer that helps connect different users of the web to your website from any part of the world. Hosting providers already have the connectivity, servers and other necessary services to host websites.

If an individual wants to build a website the first step involves choosing a reliable web host. In the current market there exist thousands of web hosting service providers that offer a variety of different services. Choosing the correct plan for you depends on what purpose you are creating a website for and what your budget is. Although these are questions every website owner needs to contemplate on their own, understanding what web hosting is, may make their process of selecting a web hosting service provider easier.