Basic Lighting Schemes In Fashion Photography

We bring you the basic lighting scheme of this discipline (the diffuser window at 45 ° ), to which we will add different elements to improve the light of the scene gradually, can also be done here:

Basic Diagram: 45 ° Window

In general, in Fashion Photography, the leading light usually has a diffuser. Why? Because it is a softer light that beautifies the model’s face since it has fewer shadows.

We can place the window in different positions: frontal (flattens the face), at 45 ° or lateral (one half of the face is illuminated and the other, in shadow), depending on the effect we are pursuing.

 Scheme 2: Window, Backlight And Reflector

We add more elements for a more polished light. The most basic? Place a silver reflector close to the model (for example, 45 ° away from the window) to eliminate shadows from the face and a light source to eliminate the shadow that the model casts on the background.

Scheme 3: Window, Hair Light, Reflector And Background Light

To the previous scheme, we add a light with a diffuser (we can put some coloured gelatin to make the light have a specific colour) so that the hair shines.

Scheme 4: Window, Hair Light, Reflector, And Two Backlights

With a single light, we can illuminate the background and eliminate the shadow of the model (or get a different coloured background if we put a coloured jelly on it), but what happens when the background is white? If you have ever tried it, you will see that in our photographs the white in the background is not so white, but a kind of soft grey. To solve this, we must place at least two lights (facing each other, one on the right and one on the left) in the direction of the background.

This operation is somewhat more complicated since they must be correctly located: at the same power and height and be in tune with the leading light. Ideally, we use a photometer and try to measure at different points on the bottom.