Ideas to Create A Lot and Not Stop with Your Content Plan

The fear of the blank page is a very common thing, and so everyone asks me how I always have fresh content to share. Well, although many think that I am a content creation machine, in reality, I also have my blocks, but I have my shortcuts and methodologies to combat them and always be updated.

After all, maintaining an editorial calendar with daily content for the blog, social networks, or our email campaigns is not an easy task. But do not worry because, in this post, comrade web agency will share a list with ideas and best sources of inspiration not to stop creating.

Also, I will mention all those possible formats that online channels give us (including Instagram, which as you know I love), which are the basic support with which I apply my methodology to develop content ideas daily.

List of Ideas to Create the Best Content

When planning your content, it is always useful to analyze and investigate what the competition does, although it is clear that you should not copy others; it is about getting inspired and adding together, not just replicating what is working for others.

Having clarified this, here is a list of ideas and sources of inspiration to generate more and better content for your strategic plan:

  • Plan an internal brainstorming with your team and get everyone to think about a brainstorming from which amazing things can come out.
  • Ask your followers through the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, taking advantage of the value of Instagram Stories polls to get quick responses.
  • Know the trends with tools like Google Trends and follow #Hashtags through social media search engines.
  • Check the keywords with the highest volume by performing full searches on Google, Instagram or the AdWords keyword planner (as advanced tools, I recommend Ubersuggest or SEMrush).
  • Lean on your customer service (even if you don’t have the equipment, you can do it manually) to monitor FaQs, doubts and comments that you can solve with new content.
  • Interview people in your sector and celebrities who are references and can give you content ideas to create, for example, more short videos for YouTube and even mini sales pitches.
  • Check the comments in your YouTube videos, blog posts, and in general, any medium in which you share content and generate debates.
  • Make a reminder of a personal or business moment that can inspire you to create new content stories.
  • Always stay informed reading magazines, participating in forums, attending webinars and conferences, and greatly encouraging networking with other professionals in your niche.
  • Also, find out through traditional media such as newspapers and magazines. Join groups, both on Facebook and LinkedIn, even in forums that are still active, to see the real conversation potential customers are having.
  • Review the doubts of users about to buy to help other potential customers in the future in their purchase process.