Solid Explorer File Manager

“Being organised is being in control”, is a famous quote that says a lot about having an organised workplace, home or even life. Being organised not only allows you to be in control of your life, but it also has many more benefits that follow. Having your work planned and organised reduces your levels of stress and anxiety and since you save time finding for important files, documents or even cleaning up, you get more leisure time or even time just for yourself where you can do whatever you please to.

It also allows you to have a healthier lifestyle and help you be more productive at work or even at home. Imagine yourself in a scenario where you need to engage yourself in something extremely important, but you cannot find the mandatory documents? That can be extremely frustrating and will also make a bad impression on yourself.

Smartphones have taken over the modern world with the development of technology and most of our day-to-day activities are performed on our phone. It can be banking, shopping, working or even studying, but your phone is the most important device you rely on. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that all your phone’s apps and files are managed and also protected and backed up. Solid Explorer File manager is here for all your necessities. It not only manages all your files in a dual plane layout, but it also protects your files using strong encryption methods, manages your files on additional storage such as cloud and NAS, and also backs them up to any desired destination of your choice.

Features of Solid explorer

The features and benefits the app has to offer will undoubtedly blow you mind and will make you want to get your hands on it as soon as possible. The app helps you find all your files in split seconds and also lets you delete, rename, or share them through your phone saving you plenty of time off of your busy schedule.

It is also dedicated to keeping your files safe using a strong encryption method which will in turn keep your files protected using fingerprint or password security. And what’s more exciting is that your files will still be protected even if you uninstall the app off your phone! How amazing is that?

It will ensure the safety of your files and keep them from being visible to other apps on your phone. And that’s not it! The app also analyses the storage of your device and your SD card and allows you to know which apps take up most space so you can get rid of all your storage issues once and for all! The app indeed works amazing wonders!

Download Solid Explorer for Android TV and Fire TV

It is important to manage files on your TV box. Unlike phones, TV boxes and TV sticks has small amount of storage space. You can use this free file manager application to remove unwanted downloaded files and etc. First open your default app store (Play Store TV or Amazon App Store) and go to search. The type “Solid explorer”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select it and install.

If you are unable to install this application using default app store, use AppLinked, FileSynced, UnLinked or Aptoide TV. For app stores like FileSynced and AppLinked, you can download Apk file from internet and add it to its store. Same for UnLinked APK. If you do not want to do those stuff, use Aptoide TV.