Spectrum Speed Test Review

If you want to find out if your Internet Service Provider is providing the certain speed as promised, then you can check it by running an internet speed test to check download and upload speed. Spectrum is one of the test used to test the internet speed. Let’s find out if their internet speed test applications are reliable or not. Have a look at: Checkmyspeed website

The Spectrum Speed test was tested on the same connection five times on different devices like laptop, desktop computer, smartphone etc.  To get the accurate results, the Chrome plugins were disabled and  all active pages other than Google Chrome browser were closed. This Spectrum Speed Test ran repeatedly in a testing environment and the following results were obtained.

Spectrum Speed Test Result

Startup Time (S)Test duration (S)Ping/Latency(S)Download speed(mbps)Upload speed (mbps)
Test 14.935.1N/A145.26.0
Test 25.335.6N/A132.56.0
Test 35.235.3N/A159.86.0
Test 45.035.6N/A153.66.0
Test 56.135.6N/A153.26.0

The connection used for this test advertises the download speed of 150Mbps, and other competing speed test assured that the advertised rates were obtained. The Spectrum Speed Test also produced the result within the range. This proved the reliability and consistency.
Coming back to specifics, the average time taken to load was 5.3 seconds and 35.5 seconds to run by the Spectrum Speed Test. This result was good compared to most other competitors. However, this test lacks in recording ping or latency times. Most of the internet speed test provides ping times, this was lacking in the Spectrum Speed Test.
The average download speed was found to be 149.0 Mbps and upload speed was exactly the same of 6.0 Mbps. These speeds were up to the expectation and result obtained in the test were pretty steady on every test. Hence, Spectrum Speed Test can be considered as accurate internet speed test.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Speed Test
1) Spectrum Speed Test provides consistent result. The most important factor to consider is that the result for both download and upload speed exactly matched the expectation.
2) It showed the information about Internet Speed Provider, testing city location and IP address of test origin site.
3) This test also provides smooth modern graphic design with no screen buffering.
4) This test also runs on a secure website, which is another important advantage of this test as many other competitors run their test on insecure HTTPS protocols.


1) One of the biggest disadvantage of using this test is that it does not display ping times, while other competing internet speed test does record the ping times.
2) It also lacks in few other advance features, such as it does not provide information about troubleshooting or on how to improve the speed of connection.
3) With this test, you cannot store the results of the test.

Conclusion – Spectrum Speed Test
The Spectrum Speed Test is trustworthy and reliable to test the download and uploads speed. It also runs on a secure website. Other than this, it has a nicely designed interface.