Nowadays getting your business online is common so is the need to get your website online so you would be requiring a hosting platform for which you can get it from Google or any other mediums you search or get referred from your friend/colleagues. 

I would like to talk about VPS hosting which considered as the important part where hosting is concerned. In, VPS server is something that you can rely upon when it comes to handle huge traffic. When you are talking about site then the hosting pan you choose be able to handle properly. This hosting provider helps its customers to have a professional business through online channels. If you are a web developer or a developer you can offer Linux VPS hosting for potential client websites. For small to medium scale business VPS hosting is an ideal option to go with. With the better concern of saving the money as much as possible and providing the facilities you deserve the speed and security of your website.  

VPS – It is similar to that of dedicated server you get same sort of features as dedicated is much costly than VPS hosting so people prefer hosting in VPS rather that of dedicated. VPS hosting is affordable to all type of individual or any business that needs to get its site in online platforms. 


MilesWeb started in 2012, they have been serving businesses with its reliable as well as affordable web hosting services. They have expert team and have a broad experience and knowledge about the web hosting industry and is ready to set a dynamic tech revolution.
They aim of providing business to the start-ups and medium scale businesses. 

MilesWeb VPS  – 

MilesWeb offers VPS which are powered by KVM hypervisor and are available in multiple sizes with different components which are based on different cloud infrastructure with built in SSD Storage. 

Flexible and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure – 

MilesWeb Linux VPS hosting are powered by Digital Ocean and their windows vps server
plans. It means their VPS plans are deployed on 100% cloud infrastructure which comprises of built-in SSD storage that offers better performance and reliability.

Data Center Choice – 

It is very important to choose your data center location in order to host your website.  Select about your target audience and what will be feasible for you to select on server location. You can reach target audience and boost your website traffic.

Server Uptime – 

Server Uptime simply means that your site should remain online and should not get time to load. The standard uptime is 99% or above that is much higher than standard value.  So, it means MilesWeb uptime is best in the industry offering 99.95% Uptime.  

Host Unlimited Sites – 

MilesWeb allows you to host under the same account. You can host multiple sites from the single Virtual private server.  That clarifies that you can host multiple accounts from your single server. 

SSH Root Access – 

You can get complete control over your virtual private server. MilesWeb provide full root SSH access with their VPS hosting plan. 

Free VPS Management – 

We don’t only deploy your server but also, optimize and manage the complete VPS server without any additional charges. 

Get Instant Provision – 

You don’t require waiting for longer .With; MilesWeb hosting plans are deployed quickly once you order and get verified.  

VPS hosting creates lots of positive aspects when to come to security. With MilesWeb team you get your VPS properly managed they have qualified administrator which configures and monitor the security settings which prevents attacks on your site. 

Wrapping up –

Choosing a web hosting company may seem to be very daunting tasks, but with various
review platforms be aware of the companies that cannot give proper support as you expect but with MilesWeb you get excellent support and plans in affordable pricing. They are capable of offering excellent services for the clients. It is important to select the best web hosting company so this article was focused on mainly VPS hosting features and plans of MilesWeb. It would be an ideal way for hosting your site with MilesWeb which tends to give you excellent service. MilesWeb is one of the best VPS hosting providers with amazing features, high uptime, and low time-to-first-byte. On top of that, they provide reliable support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.