Social media marketing, or SMM as often referred to, is the use of social media to advertise or market the company’s products and services.  SMM is in huge demand these days, and the interest in it is rising day after day.  It also holds many employment opportunities for people to start their careers as SMM services resellers. The business options in SMM services reselling are endless. All you need to do is first become an SMM panel owner and then start the journey upward to earn money. Do check this out: msp-panel.com

However, many of the SMM panels available in the market are not up to the mark.  Sometimes they need a lot of work to make them functional.  To save time and effort, there are SMM panels offered by freelancers.  But then the issue is underperformance.  The reasons for underperforming SMM Panels which freelancers create are due to:

  1. Mediocre skills: An SMM panel is complex and needs many developer skills to meet customer expectations. But as the case is, many exaggerate their skills about their programming knowledge, and sometimes there is no way to find out the truth immediately.   This, in turn, affects the SMM panel as errors in the script cannot be found quickly.
  2. Lack of experience: As stated above, along with mediocre skills, another reason for underperformance is lack of experience. Many with basic developer skills struggle to create an excellent functional SMM panel.  It takes knowledge and time to find out about the various features of the SMM panel, reduce errors, etc., which, in turn, affects the SMM services reselling business.
  3. Mandatory panel maintenance:  Another point worth considering is the required regular and expensive panel maintenance.  The technology for SMM services is constantly improving. So, updates and bug removals must be done regularly for which a freelancer needs to be hired. This can be expensive.  However, postponing such remedial actions reflects poorly on the performance, making customers leave searching for better SMM services.

Mentioned above are the three main reasons for SMM panels underperforming when created by freelancers.   That is the reason why many SMM services resellers recommend choosing wisely and doing the necessary research beforehand.


Many professional SMM Panel developers have the required specializations in this field.  So, with the latest technologies at their fingertips, their panels are more advanced and error-free. Hence, Freelancers are unable to live up to this high standard.  

When SMM panels are purchased from a Professional platform, you can rest assured that the panel has everything required to succeed.  For instance, regular updates, bug fixes, latest features, prompt customer support are all taken care of speedily and promptly.  At the same time, there is no worry of incurring high one-time fees as such expenses are usually included in the panel maintenance fee.  So timely maintenance to improve the SMM panel’s performance is done at no extra cost.

So, it is suggested to carefully review the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether to get the SMM panel from freelancers or from a professional platform.