SEO KPIs and essential metrics  to measure your performance

One of the fascinating virtues of the digital world is that everything is measurable. This helps us to trace the path to follow so as not to deviate from the main objective of our business, such as lead acquisition or sale of products and services.

However, there are countless variables, and we must focus attention on those that provide us with relevant information on the performance of the actions carried out and give us clues about possible strategic opportunities. For this, we have SEO KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators).

Main Metrics and SEO KPIs

SEO traffic

It consists of the volume of traffic or web ranking (อันดับ เว็บ, which is the term in Thai) received on the web for a certain period of time and is considered the main SEO KPIs.

We can measure SEO traffic with Google Analytics, accessing from Acquisition, all traffic Channels, and once there, filter by organic traffic (Organic Search) that is the traffic that comes from search engines.


We begin to capture more traffic on the web, but the thing should not stay there if we have an online business. We must focus our SEO efforts on capturing traffic that turns into our website, that is, that you buy our products or services, fill out a contact form, or download certain content.


Impressions are the number of times our website appears in Google search results. When performing positioning tasks, we will see how impressions increase rapidly, and we begin to gain visibility. This is the vital metrics to measure your website since, with it, we evaluate if we are doing a good SEO positioning.

Speed of the web

One of the SEO on-page variables that affect SEO is the speed of our website, so we must keep an eye on this metric so as not to lose search engine positions. Very slow web pages have a high bounce volume, as users leave them before all content has been loaded, especially if they access them from a mobile device. So improving this variable will positively affect SEO and web usability.