7 Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing Your Roofing Company

Though they vary in material, color, and style, roofs are essential forany home or building. The important roles that roofs play in the safety and aesthetics of a structure have made the roofing contractors industry one of the most stable in recent years. But with this in mind, there’s a need to step up your roofer marketing campaign for you want to get ahead of the competition and generate more leads for your business.

Here are seven mistakes you need to avoid to help you be more effective in your marketing campaign.

Not having a proper marketing plan. Like how roofs need a framework, businesses like yours that continuously search for roofing leads need a proper plan. Your marketing document is a comprehensive blueprint that outlines your goals, timeline, key performance indicators (KPI), and efforts to reach your target KPIs. Underestimating the importance of this guide will cause you to lose more leads than you expect.

Not being specific with your target audience. Selling too many products can render your marketing campaign too cluttered and overwhelming. It pays to specialize in specific niches that target specific audiences if you’re in the roofing industry. Consider your areas of service, the type of clients you’re catering to (residential or commercial?), and the brands of roofing materials you’re offering, among others.

Not claiming your business listing on Google. Google My Business listing is something you should leverage if you want to boost your roofer SEO rankings. It’s a free tool that lets you publicize the most critical details about your business. These include your location and hours of operation.

Not having a user-friendly website. Having a business listing as mentioned above isn’t enough. To generate more roofing leads and drive further sales, you have to have a website where you can properly showcase your services and portfolio. This platform offers an avenue for rich content and high-quality photo and video materials to display your expertise in the field. However, you have to ensure that it’s user-friendly and mobile-responsive. This way, your target customers can easily learn more about how to book your services.

Not highlighting customer reviews. Google loves reviews. If you highlight these and make them part of your website (and socials), search engines will favor your business over your competitors. These can also be a huge driving factor for lead conversion. If someone sees that your previous clients are satisfied with you, they’ll make the decision to hire you as their roofing contractor. This is also why you have to be proactive when asking for reviews from your clients.

Not getting professional help when you need one. As an entrepreneur in the roofing market, it’s highly understandable that your expertise is not on digital marketing or marketing as a whole. This is when hiring roofer marketing professionals becomes a necessity. You can focus on your main job while they help you reach your target leads and convert them into customers cost-effectively.

Not staying true to what you tell online. False advertising is a huge no-no whichever field you’re in. Especially if you’re in the construction realm, misleading your customers can bring forth grave consequences. You have to be honest and transparent about the services you offer. As people say, you have to walk your talk. Having this attitude, coupled with a winning marketing strategy, will help you reach — or even exceed — your initial goals.

When it comes to roofer marketing, every step is crucial because of the tough competition. This is why you need the help of roofer SEO experts to get ahead of the competition. Contact us today at DMN8 Partners.