Increase Activation With The Planned Application Of User Onboarding Software

The first impression indeed determines whether a user will turn into a loyal customer or will fall out in a few seconds. Users like to engage with apps providing guided tours and educate them prior to thorough navigation. With the right application of the user onboarding software, you can plan a custom-made welcome that makes the users feel special. It also reads the users’ expectations and guides them accordingly.

How does the user onboarding work?

The journey from the “first time user” to a “committed user” is a process that is the outcome of the cherishing experience of the user. Here is how the embedded user onboarding software with an app for the optimized engaging experience of the users:

  • Develop user onboarding experience – Develop very much user-friendly onboarding flows that include all the major and attractive aspects of the products. It motivates the users for quick activation.
  • Reads and analyses user behaviours – User onboarding shows the flow to the right visitors by creating personalized onboarding for every customer. It’s a complicated process but the software uses artificial intelligence and undertakes intensive analysis through upgraded tools and technology for more insight into a user’s mind.
  • Directs users to particular UI components – Users might want to know whether the product app possessing coveted UI components or not. While the user onboarding navigates through one screen to another, all exclusive components are specifically marked.

Throughout the onboarding process, the users never need to leave the tour. If they want, they can start interacting with the app directly in the midway. These facilities create maximum flexibility and develop a notion of trustworthiness in first-time or new users.

Why user onboarding is important?

As per the data available, more than 50% of free-trial users never come back at the end of the trial period. Many of these free-trial users leave the app permanently even before the expiry of the trial period. One of the primary reasons behind this high percentage of fall out is the intricacy of the apps. With the help of user onboarding software, you can educate the new or confused users about the positioning and utility of the tools in your app. That makes them comfortable with the app.