Wireless POS & Wireless Traveling With A Laptop- Hospitality Technology Increases Profits

Until lately, restaurant and hospitality proprietors were wary

of adopting wireless POS systems for his or her establishments.

Issues this type of cost, simplicity of use along with a general uncertainty

about new technology caused these to take pause. Nowadays,

however, using the recognition of PDA’s, Blackberries, cell

phones and so on, mobile technology and wireless mobile

computing is becoming primary stream, and hospitality providers

take another look.

Inside a expensive and competitive market, it’s really no question that

individuals within the hospitality industry want technology to assist

them increase revenues. But exactly how can a radio POS device

enable them to accomplish this?

Wireless traveling with a laptop might help in lots of ways. One particular

instance is as simple as eliminating the requirement for staff to set up at

a particular POS terminal to put orders. Through the use of mobile

technology, serving staff tend to be more productive since time

spent throughout the order taking process is decreased. Wireless

traveling with a laptop also enables serving staff to put orders

instantly, after which go directly to another table, therefore

growing table turns. And since serving staff tend to be more

productive, significant savings is visible through decreased

labor costs.

Another downside of stationary POS terminals is the fact that serving

staff usually place numerous orders at the same time towards the

kitchen,overwhelming kitchen staff. Placing orders tableside

eliminates this issue, as orders tend to be more evenly spaced.

An important benefit having a wireless POS option would be that

by putting orders directly while dining, order taking is

better and fewer meals are wasted. This directly

means decreased food costs. Also, serving staff

can hang out with customers, which considerably

increases up-sell possibilities.